Self Cleaning Brush Filters

Automatic self-cleaning filters for high loads of suspended solids and heavy duty applications

Flow rates : 3 up to 1800 m /h (8000 US gpm)
Filtration degrees : 3500-200 micron
Water for cleaning : less than 1% of the total flow
Minimum operating pressure : 2 bar (30 psi)

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Technomax’s SCBF Series consists of heavy duty automatic filters with an electric self-cleaning mechanism.

The four models of the “SCBF” product line range in flow-rates of up to 7200 m³/h (32000 US gpm) with screens ranging from 3,500-200 micron filtration degree.

The Filtering Process

Raw water enters the inside of the screen-cylinder

(1) from the filter’s Inlet
(2) and flows through the screen to the filter’s Outlet
(3) The dirt particles are trapped on the inner screen surface and formulate a “filtration cake” that causes a differential pressure across the screen.