Water Treatment Plants


At Technomax, we encourage site visits. For us there's no better way to quickly see what's happening at your plant and to begin to determine right away how we can solve your challenges. We are an established player for the manufacturer & suppliers of customised Industrial Water Treatment Plants.  Our product range consists of Pressure Sand Filters, Activated Carbon Filters, Water Softeners, Demineralization Plant and Reverse Osmosis Plant. Our products are highly appreciated due to their application specific design, simple installation, user-friendly operations, maintenance and efficient performance.

Water Treatment Plants
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Softeners are used to remove the hardness salt's like magnesium present in the water. The hardness of water is effectively reduce by exchanging the calcium and Sodium ions. Water is softened to commercially zero ppm.

Salient Features

• Compact Size
• Easy to Operate
• Custom made design
• High quality resin


Boiler Feed, Textile Processing, Cooling Water make-up, Hospitals, Hotels, Laundry, Air-conditioning Plants etc.